Wounded West

Plottin' and Schemin'

in which a campaign is begun

Session notes:

This is mostly a setup session, covering initial setting generation and character creation. Most of the setting details we’ve got, I’ll put in the wiki, rather than the session notes.

Introductions are made

Characters present: Chadsworth Edgewater, Culloden, Esq

Culloden and Chadsworth meet mid-morning in a dingy saloon, in a dying town a day’s ride from anywhere. Other than the bartender, there are only a few drunks sleeping off the evening’s festivities.

Culloden’s network referred Chadsworth as an exceptional saboteur. After some initial conversation, they get down to business: Culloden would like for the Rupert Railways construction effort to experience some delays. An accident with the supplies, maybe. Something to set back their efforts by a week or two.

Without bloodshed.

Chadsworth agrees that it’s quite doable, though the no loss-of-life stipulation complicates matters. As a fee, he requests a pre-1830 edition of the Book of Hoyle. Work will begin on evidence that the book is in Culloden’s posession. Culloden agrees, and sets his man Fred on the task.

New Friends

characters present: Culloden, Esq, Shen Li

Culloden travels south, reconnoitering the still-unfinished stretch of railroad south of San Mateo. Late in the evening, he comes across a workers encampment, and is drawn to the noise of a fighting ring. He is just in time to place a bet on a fight between an enormous irish brute and a wiry chinaman. Culloden places an impressive five-dollar bet on the celestial, and joins the crowd in watching the fight.

Shen fights his battle well. He takes a number of solid hits, but manages to KO his opponent with a high-kick to the jaw. Shen and Culloden meet when they go to collect their winnings from the bookie. Culloden received decidedly better odds than Shen was given. The bookie observed that, if Shen keeps winning the way he is, payoffs are only going to get worse … there is a way that could be helped, however …

His honor offended, Shen leaves the bookie to return to his tent. He offers to share hospitality with Culloden, a meager soup of wilted vegetables and roots. The two discuss the situation in the camp, and Shen reveals a simmering anger at the railroad company … the workers here are not being treated well. Culloden reveals that he is planning to strike a blow against the line, and Shen agrees to recruit help — eyes and ears — from among the workers. More plans will be forthcoming later …


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