Wounded West

The Story so far

a brief post to summarize all the ones I've not written

So, I havn’t kept this thing up to date. I’m going to write a quick summary post of the previous events, resulting the demise of Rupert Railways.

A fire burns down Miller’s Saloon. Excessive heat and energy in the fire, including strange flame coloration and several small explosions, attract the attention of the authorities. Frederick Müller himself is held under suspicion.

Shen Li seeks to rescue Huang Xiaojin, who was taken first by the Third Inquisition , then by the Circle of Nine Fists. Meanwhile, River Wallace, attempting to appease the water spirits that taunt him, begins to investigate the fire at the saloon.

Joined by Culloden, and Hans, their investigation takes them to the City Cathedral, where a variety of skulduggery eventually ends in a hole blasted into the floor of the Cathedral, exposing a very old and twisted catacomb below.

Shen Li and Chadsworth Edgewater, seeking to further progress in their investigation of Rupert Railways, and avoid further entanglements with the Inquisition, eventually make their way to the Rail district. Shen, being a railway worker, is dragooned into helping to unload a large amount of cargo from one of the trains. During a free moment, he manages to break open one of the crates, and discovers a large amount of Red Ore.

Shen and Chadsworth take up positions watching over the crates, to see who comes for them. In the evening, while a passenger train empties, Chadsworth is nearly caught by railyard security. He summons a hoard of rats, and taking advantage of the chaos caused by the frightened crowd of passengers to escape.

Unfortunately, the panicked crowd knocks over the evening lanterns, and a fire begins to burn in the station. The flames quickly reach the stockpile of red ore. The resulting explosion leaves nothing of the station remaining, and damages buildings four blocks away.

Fleeing San Francisco, Shen Li and a wounded Chadsworth Edgewater encounter Rutherford A. Sterling, Esq. “Gentleman Entomologist” and Tuesday Afternoon on a bug hunt. Together, they travel to the Railway Camp, to lay low and bide their time.

The camp is in chaos; with no supplies coming in, there is little for the workers to do. The impromptu fighting rings grow in frequency, and eventually bored of the usual matches, a bout between Rutherford and Shen is arranged.

The fight is eventually interrupted by the arrival of a chinese-style dragon . Shen manages to talk the dragon away from the camp, though many of the folk have already fled. The group attempts to determine where the dragon has come from, eventually following a switchback trail up the side of a mountain.

Here, they are stopped by a tall figure in a long hooded robe. In the ensuing fight, the creature is revealed as something wholly unnatural, with a spider-like head, and jabbing forearms like a preying mantis. Eventually, they defeat the demon with fire. By the time they find the cave at the head of the trail, there is no one remaining to get caught … but an open portal to shimmers in the back of the cave, arcane sigils carved into the floor. Spilled candles and a scuffed summoning circle suggest a hasty departure. Chadsworth Edgewater successfully manages to close the circle, preventing further incursions …


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