Wounded West

The year is 1888, and the land has become unsettled. Decades of bloody wars have been waged across North America. Factories blanket New England in thick clouds of soot. Ancient forests are burned away to make room for homesteaders. Herds of bison have been wiped out, left to rot in the sun. Old things are stirring in the primeval corners of the continent, awakened by acts of horrible violence and cruelty.

There is progress too. Edison and Tesla feud over their bottled lightning. The network of rails and telegraphs continues to spread, linking cities once thought impossibly distant. Tonics and tinctures have been developed to treat all manner of ailments. The Third Inquisition has reportedly suppressed another outbreak of heresy and witchcraft in the southwest.


For the time being, we’re located near San Francisco, and neighboring environs. This isn’t an exact historical analog, though we’ve not yet worked out many of the details of divergence from our own timeline. I don’t believe that we’re going for a “hidden world” setting; the weird will be out in the open … though, I’ll raise that at the next game and see.


For the time being, we’re using Fate Accelerated edition, which may be downloaded from Evil Hat: http://www.evilhat.com/home/fate-core-downloads/

As this is already a pretty rules-light system, we’re not making any particular tweaks, though the campaign worksheet from Core is being used to help flesh out the setting.

There are similarities, to the Deadlands campaign setting …but this is not that setting. The timeline differs, the overt plague of undead is not overrunning things, and we’re not still fighting the Civil War … It’s a source of inspiration, but not of ‘truth’ …

Wounded West

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